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Creative Artist Scraft —

Snekha Ragavendran

A proud mother and a trained Montessori coach who balances life and aspiring to make a big difference to the world of craft. Self-thought Independent Creative Artist passionate about doing creative art works focused in Designing Unique Handcrafted invitations and customized Gift paintings which are 100% handmade, recyclable with environmental-friendly. Though! An Engineer, Childhood passion has become a profession for me.

I am a passionate artisan all my life and someone who enjoys bringing life to any paper form. Scraft was started to provide helping hands for couples to showcase their personal touch. Indeed! Life’s accomplishment is to have a momentous wedding. To Begin! I had dedicated lot of time, effort and creativity in bring the best incredibly unique Hand-Crafted Invites which are an expression of style, luxury and excellence. Slowly we evolved to focuses on creating aesthetically-pleasing art with biodegradable materials that is both socioeconomic and appealing to leave an everlasting impression.

As a Creative Artist I truly believe the relevance of beauty in art without negotiating the very basis of humanity. Eco-friendly initiatives were a necessity, so started exploring options to keep art and craft as close to nature without use of non-degradable and harmful dyes that may cause mayhem. As part of this very serious motive, started making handmade Wedding/Occasion invites using recycled paper & plant-seed paper. Just to show the world that creativity is best suited for handmade and to restore a greener planet for generations to come.